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Making Online Advertising to Work for You

It is now quite common to have advertisements to appear on your browser especially on a web page. They can appear on the top of or the sides of a web page.  They are many ways an advertisement can appear on a web page. Some of the methods include pay-per-click where you pay for the advertisement at center page only when someone clicks on it, affiliate programs where you pay the program's participants a certain amount or percentage for any successful sales as the result of someone finding out about your product or service through them, banner exchange programs which can be free or paid and view exchange programs where members view each other websites to gain credits for more views. With the introduction social media websites, a new form of advertising has emerged but this form advertising may incorporate the more traditional online advertising methods as well.

With social media, you can reach more people than ever before. There are many forms of social media websites. Some allow you to share images, some allow you to share videos, some allow you to share websites, some allow you to share your feelings and some allow you to share combination of two or more these items.

No matter what you are selling, the person who reads your advertisement must feel convinced to buy from you. Perhaps, you may remember how an advertisement convinced you to buy a product or service. You may try to use a similar method in wording your advertisement. It will be wonderful if you can include the URL of your website or the page of your product or service in your wordings but sometimes, you are not allowed to do so but you may include it in your profile page or you may enter it into a field for it on an online submission form.

Here are some of the famous social media websites I strongly encourage you to use to advertise your product or service:


2. Twitter

3. Instagram

4. Pinterest

5. Imgur

Here's how you can use social media websites to advertise effectively.

1. For Facebook,

a. Create a special page for your product or service,

b. Invite our Facebook friends to like the page,

c. Promote your page by clicking on the blue promote page button found on your page,

d. Amend the text for your advertisement if necessary,

e. Decide who you want to see your advertisement,

f. Choose the budget you can afford,

g. Submit your advertising to promote your page.

2. For Twitter,

a. Use Twitter Ad if you can afford,

b. Use co-promote. If you want to use co-promote for free, you will have to retweet other people's tweet to get more people to see your advertisement but if you are willing to pay about $30 per month, you don't have to do so.

c. Use hashtags to get more attention and to make it easier for other twitter users to discover your business,

d. If possible, tweet something related to a trending tweet that your business can also provide for. For example, if the trending tweet is #TheFoodILikeMostIs and your are selling food or recipe, you can use the hashtag in your own tweet.

3. For Instagram,

a. Put pictures related to the products your are selling or the service you are providing,

b. Link your Instagram to your Facebook page or twitter page if possible,

c. Avoid putting pictures that may be offensive or illegal, in other words, make sure that the kids can also see it unless you are selling adults-only products. If you are selling adult-only products, make sure that you are allowed to post images related to such products on Instagram. So far, I have not heard of "The following is only suitable for Children and not suitable for Adults".

5. For Pinterest,

a. Pin images that are related to what you are selling especially those which also appear on your company's website,

b. Pin images that contain items that are popular with many Pinterest users to boost up the popularity of your business or company.

6. For Imgur,

a. Check what images on Imgur get the many views (500,000 or more),

b. Try to post something similar,

c. Post images of your product on Imgur.

Try to tweet what you have posted on Imgur and Pinterest on Twitter.

Put buttons on your website to allow visitors to tweet, pin, like your products.

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