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New MP3 Music

Here are some good news for music lovers. has produced a new downloadable music which is available in the MP3 format.  The name of the music piece is called Sensational. It is composed using the 1-6-4-5 chord progression which was popular during the 1950s and 1960s. Such chord progression is still used by some musicians today. When you listen to Sensational you will able to listen to an electric guitar, a saxophone and a drum. aims to make the composition to sound similar to the playing of the Ventures, an  electric guitar band of the United States which was popular in the 1960s.   According to Wikipedia and other sources found on the Internet, the band still exists and is now more popular in Japan. aims to create more music and hopefully songs with meaning lyrics in the future using the 1-6-4-5, 1-5-6-4 or any other popular chord progressions for the listeners' enjoyment.  The Music will be available on i-tunes, and other websites that offers music downloads.

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