Dining Room Furniture Paper Model



Paper Modeling is a rewarding hobby where you cut out some shapes printed out a piece of a paper, fold them and shape them into 3D objects that can play with or display for yourself and/or others to see. You can download paper models from a number of websites on the Internet. Paper can be used to create models of airplanes, ships, buildings, furniture, machines, instruments and many other objects.

Funiworks Pty Ltd has recently designed a free paper model of a dining set and is now available on funiworks.com. This free paper model consists of an oval shape dining table, an oval shape carpet and 8 dining chairs. Once you have successfully constructed the set, you can display it , put it into your dollhouse or play with it. If are successful in constructing this free paper model, please feel free to take a picture of it and share it with your friends on any social media website or via email.

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