About Us

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Funiworks.com is an online-based business operated by Funiworks Pty Ltd. We aim to sell digital products including MP3s, digital art, paper models and e-books. Most of our products are designed with the hobbyists in mind. Customers can download MP3s, digital art, paper models and e-books.

Our MP3s will consist of mainly of music composed using popular chord progressions including 1-5-6-4 and 1-6-4-5 chord progressions.  The 1-6-4-5 is said to be the most popular chord progressions and has been used for many modern popular songs and music compositions. We have a special page on Facebook that is dedicated to music(https://www.facebook.com/funiworksmusic/). Those who like the page can learn about the latest music we produced and share something about music with other members. We also a page on Reverbnation for our music products (www.reverbnation.com/funiworks).

The digital art includes photo manipulation where images and photographs from various sources are placed into one image that may depict a story or a concept. We have paper models that are designed with 3D and paper model software. We plan to have our  paper models to depict items that we use in our daily lives that include furniture, houses and vehicles.  We also plan to have e-books that teaches art and craft. In the future, we hope to sell screensavers, backgrounds, video and audio. We also have our presence at Deviantart.com where we showcase some of our products. We are also seeking unique ways to help customers find more customers.