Sewing Machine Paper Model

$2.20AUD  $3.50AUD

Donation to the Save the Children Foundation

Funiworks Pty Ltd who runs will donate 10% of  each sale of a Sewing Machine Paper Model to the Save the Children Foundation.

About the Sewing Machine Paper Model

The Sewing Machine Paper Model is a card/paper model of a traditional sewing machine also known as a treadle sewing machine.  It consists of a treadle, a bed plate, an arm, two drawers and other parts found on a a treadle sewing machine.

The design of this paper sewing machine model is based on the treadle sewing machines that were common in many homes around the world. Such machines were invented by Isaac Singer sometime in 1851. According to Wikipedia, Singer founded his sewing machine business in 1851 with Edward Clark, a lawyer from New York. Today, Singer is a household name in many homes around the world.

Once constructed, this sewing machine paper model can make a great display in your home.

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