Unusual WW1 Biplane Digital Art


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About the Unusual WW1 Biplane Digital Art

This is downloadable image of an unusual-looking biplane from the First World War designed by Rainier Wong of Funiworks.com. The designed is influenced by early models of aircraft which had Canard wings designed and powered pusher propellers. The best example is the world's first airplane by the Wright Brothers. Wong used the AC3D three-dimensional design software to design the aircraft.  Wong used a photo manipulation technique where images from the public domain namely publicdomainpictures.net smf Wikipedia were being employed to create the background for this image. Wong used Paint.net's Hue and Saturation function to change the colors of some the images cut out from the public domain images. Wong also used MS Paint for some work towards the image. Wong used Corel PaintShop Pro to make final touches to the image.  The aircraft in this image is a fantasy aircraft of the Royal Flying Corp that is able to carry 2 crew members and can fly at the speed of 20 mph while being powered by a radial engine. Such design might have been taught of by some people when the technology that enabled the pilot to shoot through the propeller had yet to be developed.  The actual product has no watermark and has the size of 3000 by 4000 pixels.

Commercial use of this image is allowed but you must credit Funiworks.com by it. Please do not use it for businesses relating to adult entertainment or anything that is deemed unsuitable for children.

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